The intelligent automation journey of any business needs to start with a solid foundation of identifying what processes can be optimized or re-engineered to enhance productivity and improve business efficiencies. It is the building blocks to any business process management strategy. READ MORE...


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) frees a department from its repetitive and redundant tasks, so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. HR departments worldwide are adopting RPA technology, reclaiming up to 40% of their time, and making their workplace happier and more human-centric. READ MORE...

Global trends

Transforming clinical trials with automation

To bring a new drug to market, it can cost over $2B. Many industry experts see a need to transform the way clinical trials are conceived, designed and conducted to battle declining ROI. The solution: RPA. As one of the world’s largest Contract Research Organizations—handling every aspect of the drug and device development process for pharmaceutical and medical device clients—ICON plc has been introducing digital automation into the drug development process for several years to increase efficiency and reduce time and costs.


Decreasing wait times for drive-thru testing

COVID-19 testing protocol requires a patient to be registered and test kits correctly labeled for collection and reporting. Conducting these processes manually—and remotely, due to social distancing—contributes to the average 6-hour wait for testing. The Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest hospitals in the U.S., set up and deployed an attended robot in 48 hours that handles these processes in 14-16 seconds.


Accelerating healthcare hiring with RPA

A government agency has embarked on an ambitious recruitment drive in all areas of the health service due to the COVID-19 crisis. More than 24,000 people responded after a national call to action was sent out to all those with health service experience, but before they can go to work they must complete two different vetting processes, typically done manually. The solution? An RPA 

robot-enabled solution that completes the processes 10x faster than a human.


Automating to enable faster COVID-19 testing

In Ireland, hundreds of people are being tested for the COVID-19 virus each day. As fast diagnosis and response are crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-19, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Dublin is introducing software robots to automate the processing of test results. The project will see a software robot assigned to every nurse in the department, lessening the strain placed upon by them by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the daily necessity to complete huge amounts of administrative tasks.



Manage the high volume of testing requests

Automating the check-in process in the healthcare industry eliminates human error and allows digital paperwork to be processed quickly and accurately, ensuring faster service.

Support the increased need in call centers

Agents supported by RPA are pulling customer data faster, ensuring a faster call triage process, faster routing to the appropriate agents, and reduced average call handling time.

Process essential employee authorization

A Robot fills in government-mandated forms for companies that have to justify essential employee travel, reducing the processing time per employee to 10 seconds.

Fill orders for necessities faster

To meet the exponential increase in demand for certain items, one customer is now shipping directly from the manufacturing location to the customer. RPA robots process all orders and enter them into SAP to get the order to the manufacturing center faster. group-of-users

Prepare and enable a remote workforce
Automating the process of registering new equipment for remote workers, as well as associating the equipment to the worker and creating new users for the VPN. low-cost 
Calculate unforeseen costs
A robot checks the home broadband and 4G connectivity available in a given postcode and asks workers to provide details on their own home package, to help establish the percentage of workers currently set up for remote work and calculate the cost of upgrading network bandwidth for those who aren’t. 


Quality results with us

In this solution, Deep Learning models are used in conjunction with Robotic Automation to accurately and swiftly diagnose pneumonia through chest x-ray image inputs while UiPath RPA automates the AI training and testing process.

 Tangent Solutions are currently offering healthcare professionals free access to an attended Robot, with no activation costs and free ongoing support to all healthcare professionals until 1st September 2020.


With an estimated adoption growth of $2.9 billion by 2021, there is no denying that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software comes as the top-of-mind solution for enterprise leaders worldwide. 

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Processes suitable for Automation in Supply Chain

If companies take full advantage of Intelligent Automation, the overall impact on their business could rival that of the enterprise resource planning wave of the 1990s. Of the many processes that are tailor-made for automation, we have selected the following examples that resonate with any supply chain manager trying to keep operations above board. 


The Impact of RPA or AI on Supply Chain

While intelligent automation can deliver a wide range of business benefits, it can never fully replace humans across your operations. Human skills, such as empathy, strategic thinking, creativity, and subject matter expertise still have a critical role to play along the supply chain. The ideal scenario, and one that is advocated for the improvement of supply chain management, is a collaboration between IA and human intelligence that support and augment each other.


Current challenges in the Supply Chain Industry

At a time when global supply chains and trade flows are being disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic, and demand patterns are changing rapidly, many businesses are looking to inject more agility into their systems and processes. By embarking on a         digital-first approach and undergoing digital transformation, businesses can take advantage of emerging technologies to completely change and improve processes, logistics and custom satisfaction.


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