The volume of virus tests is growing immensely.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is approving organizations to become testing sites (labs, Walgreens, hospitals, etc.). The demand at these facilities will be immense, and there will be long queues of people waiting to take tests. COVID-19 testing protocol requires a patient is registered and test kits are correctly labeled for collection and reporting. With social distancing, a remote registration admin needs to validate if the patient is new/existing and register the patient in the Epic EMR . The registration admin also needs to print the test label to one of 10 remote printers across the front line. This manual process in combination with accidental printer routing adds to the average 6-hour waiting lines.


One of the largest hospitals in the U.S., the Cleveland Clinic, set up and deployed an attended robot in 48 hours that takes patient data, checks if they are already a patient in the Epic EMR via a Citrix environment, registers the patients, and correctly selects the right printer for label creation. While it takes a human 2-3 minutes to execute, the UiPath Robot executes in 14-16 seconds.


-Accelerate badly needed COVID-19.
-Testing Save 8-9 min. per patient—which adds up when thousands are processed.
-Eliminate very costly manual errors.
-Keep critical workers working Reduce hospital backlogs.

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